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Center for Colloid and Surface Science

Personal information

Position: PhD Students



Location: Cagliari

Fields of Interest and Expertise

Nanostructured materials Mechanochemistry Kinetic modelling



Curriculum Vitae

2018: B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Cagliari under the supervision of Prof. Francesco Delogu with a thesis titled Mechanochemical kinetics of co-crystal formation. 2020: M.S. degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Cagliari under the supervision of Prof. Francesco Delogu and Prof. Andrea Porcheddu with a thesis titled Mechanical activation of powders. Gaining deeper insight from the ignition of self-sustaining reactions in Zn-S mixture. 2020: Admitted at Ph.D. course in Innovation Science and Technology, XXXVI cycle, under the supervision of Prof. Francesco Delogu.


Best Oral Presentation Award sponsored by the intenrational peer-reviewed journal IJMS INTERFACES - International Conference: From New Materials to Life Science-Structure, Interactions, Dynamics and Activity. Best M.Sc. graduate student in Chemical Engineering in 2019-2020 sponsored by the ERSU of Cagliari.University of Cagliari.



Mechanochemical Reactions from Individual Impacts to Global Transformation Kinetics

- Maria Carta - Vugrin L. - Miletić G. - Kulcsár M.J. - Ricci P.C. - Halasz I. - Francesco Delogu
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition

Mechanochemical reaction kinetics scales linearly with impact energy

- Vugrin L. - Maria Carta - Lukin S. - Meštrović E. - Francesco Delogu - Halasz I.
Faraday Discussions

Ultrasonic irradiation of nanoporous Au

- Barra P. - Traversari G. - Sogne E. - Maria Carta - Alberto Cincotti - Falqui A. - Francesco Delogu
Materials Letters

Mechanochemical N-Chlorination Reaction of Hydantoin: In Situ Real-Time Kinetic Study by Powder X-ray Diffraction and Raman Spectroscopy

- Martins I.C.B. - Maria Carta - Haferkamp S. - Feiler T. - Francesco Delogu - Colacino E. - Emmerling F.
ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering

Mechanochemical Ignition of Self-propagating Reactions in Zn-S Powder Mixtures

- Torre F. - Maria Carta - Barra P. - Alberto Cincotti - Andrea Porcheddu - Francesco Delogu
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B: Process Metallurgy and Materials Processing Science

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