Consorzio Interuniversitario per lo sviluppo dei Sistemi a Grande Interfase
Center for Colloid and Surface Science


Here you can find the updated list of all the publications of CSGI members and affilated staff. Please note that the only publications listed here are those published after the affilation of each member. If you are interested in the whole bibliography of CSGI members, including articles and books published before affilation to CSGI, please refer to academic research databases, such as Scopus, Web Of Science, Google Scholar, ect.

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Thermodynamics of Metal-Acetate Interactions

- Jafari M. - Li Z. - Song L.F. - Luca Sagresti - Giuseppe Brancato - Merz K.M.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B

Conformational flexibility of spermidine3+ interacting with DNA double helix

- Perepelytsya S. - Vasiliu T. - Laaksonen A. - Engelbrecht L.D.V. - Giuseppe Brancato - Mocci F.
Journal of Molecular Liquids


Chanalyzer: A Computational Geometry Approach for the Analysis of Protein Channel Shape and Dynamics

- Raffo A. - Gagliardi L. - Fugacci U. - Luca Sagresti - Grandinetti S. - Giuseppe Brancato - Biasotti S. - Rocchia W.
Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences


Probing Liquid-Ordered and Disordered Phases in Lipid Model Membranes: A Combined Theoretical and Spectroscopic Study of a Fluorescent Molecular Rotor

- Del Frate G. - Macchiagodena M. - Akhunzada M.J. - D’Autilia F. - Catte A. - Bhattacharjee N. - Vincenzo Barone - Cardarelli F. - Giuseppe Brancato
Journal of Physical Chemistry B


8-hydroxyquinoline-2-carboxylic acid as possible molybdophore: A multi-technique approach to define its chemical speciation, coordination and sequestering ability in aqueous solution

- Arena K. - Giuseppe Brancato - Cacciola F. - Crea F. - Cataldo S. - De Stefano C. - Gama S. - Lando G. - Milea D. - Mondello L. - Pettignano A. - Plass W. - Sammartano S.

Enabling Racemization of Axially Chiral Subphthalocyanine-Tetracyanobutadiene-Aniline Enantiomers by Triplet State Photogeneration

- Lavarda G. - Bhattacharjee N. - Giuseppe Brancato - Torres T. - Bottari G.
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition


In silico investigation of the interaction between the voltage-gated potassium channel Kv4.3 and its auxiliary protein KChIP1

- Catte A. - Ferbel L. - Bhattacharjee N. - Jan Akhunzada M. - D'Agostino T. - Giuseppe Brancato
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

Leveraging Fluorescent Emission to Unitary Yield: Dimerization of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

- Miletić T. - Biot N. - Demitri N. - Giuseppe Brancato - Kariuki B.M. - Bonifazi D.
Helvetica Chimica Acta

Interplay between lipid lateral diffusion, dye concentration and membrane permeability unveiled by a combined spectroscopic and computational study of a model lipid bilayer

- Jan Akhunzada M. - D’Autilia F. - Chandramouli B. - Bhattacharjee N. - Catte A. - Di Rienzo R. - Cardarelli F. - Giuseppe Brancato
Scientific Reports


Thermodynamic study on 8-hydroxyquinoline-2-carboxylic acid as a chelating agent for iron found in the gut of Noctuid larvae

- Gama S. - Frontauria M. - Ueberschaar N. - Giuseppe Brancato - Milea D. - Sammartano S. - Plass W.
New Journal of Chemistry


Understanding the role of dynamics in the iron sulfur cluster molecular machine

- di Maio D. - Chandramouli B. - Yan R. - Giuseppe Brancato - Pastore A.
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - General Subjects

Chapter 9: First Principles Methods in Biology: From Continuum Models to Hybrid Ab initio Quantum Mechanics/Molecular Mechanics

- Dreyer J. - Giuseppe Brancato - Ippoliti E. - Genna V. - De Vivo M. - Carloni P. - Rothlisberger U.
RSC Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Series

The role of Tat peptide self-aggregation in membrane pore stabilization: Insights from a computational study

- Jan Akhunzada M. - Chandramouli B. - Bhattacharjee N. - Macchi S. - Cardarelli F. - Giuseppe Brancato
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

Highly selective vapochromic fluorescence of polycarbonate films Doped with an ICT-Based solvatochromic probe

- Ahmad M. - Platonova I. - Battisti A. - Minei P. - Giuseppe Brancato - Pucci A.
Journal of Polymer Science, Part B: Polymer Physics


Vapochromic behavior of polycarbonate films doped with a luminescent molecular rotor

- Minei P. - Ahmad M. - Vincenzo Barone - Giuseppe Brancato - Passaglia E. - Bottari G. - Pucci A.
Polymers for Advanced Technologies


Dual fluorescence through Kasha's rule breaking: An unconventional photomechanism for intracellular probe design

- Giuseppe Brancato - Signore G. - Neyroz P. - Polli D. - Cerullo G. - Abbandonato G. - Nucara L. - Vincenzo Barone - Fabio Beltram - Bizzarri R.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B


Reversible vapochromic response of polymer films doped with a highly emissive molecular rotor

- Minei P. - Koenig M. - Battisti A. - Ahmad M. - Vincenzo Barone - Torres T. - Guldi D.M. - Giuseppe Brancato - Bottari G. - Pucci A.
Journal of Materials Chemistry C



Extension of the AMBER force field to cyclic α,α dialkylated peptides

- Grubišić S. - Giuseppe Brancato - Pedone A. - Vincenzo Barone
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics