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Center for Colloid and Surface Science

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Influence of Lipid Composition on Physicochemical and Antibacterial Properties of Vancomycin-Loaded Nanoscale Liposomes

- Battista S. - Allegritti E. - Marconi C. - Bellio P. - Luciano Galantini - Del Giudice A. - Celenza G. - Fagnani L. - Giansanti L.
ACS Applied Nano Materials

Enhanced solubilization of strongly adsorbed organic pollutants using synthetic and natural surfactants in soil flushing: Column experiment simulation

- Barbati B. - Lorini L. - Amanat N. - Bellagamba M. - Luciano Galantini - Petrangeli Papini M.
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering

Synthesis and Characterization of a Thermoresponsive Copolymer with an LCST-UCST-like Behavior and Exhibiting Crystallization

- Gjerde N.S. - Del Giudice A. - Zhu K. - Knudsen K.D. - Luciano Galantini - Schillén K. - Nyström B.
ACS Omega

Novel liposomal formulations for protection and delivery of levodopa: Structure-properties correlation

- Allegritti E. - Battista S. - Maggi M.A. - Marconi C. - Luciano Galantini - Giansanti L.
International Journal of Pharmaceutics

Colorimetric Transition of Polydiacetylene/Cyclodextrin Supramolecular Assemblies and Implications as Colorimetric Sensors for Food Phenolic Antioxidants

- Sergi R. - Brugnoli B. - Sturabotti E. - Piozzi A. - Luciano Galantini - Taresco V. - Francolini I.
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics

Conformational Disorder Analysis of the Conditionally Disordered Protein CP12 from Arabidopsis thaliana in Its Different Redox States

- Del Giudice A. - Gurrieri L. - Luciano Galantini - Fanti S. - Trost P. - Sparla F. - Fermani S.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Polymeric Wet-Strength Agents in the Paper Industry: An Overview of Mechanisms and Current Challenges

- Francolini I. - Luciano Galantini - Rea F. - Di Cosimo C. - Di Cosimo P.
International journal of molecular sciences

Ruthenium(ii) polypyridyl complexes with π-expansive ligands: synthesis and cubosome encapsulation for photodynamic therapy of non-melanoma skin cancer

- Giacomazzo G.E. - Schlich M. - Casula L. - Luciano Galantini - Del Giudice A. - Pietraperzia G. - Sinico C. - Cencetti F. - Pecchioli S. - Valtancoli B. - Conti L. - Sergio Murgia - Giorgi C.
Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers

Poly (diglycerol adipate) variants as enhanced nanocarrier replacements in drug delivery applications

- Jacob P.L. - Brugnoli B. - Del Giudice A. - Phan H. - Chauhan V.M. - Beckett L. - Gillis R.B. - Moloney C. - Cavanagh R.J. - Krumins E. - Reynolds-Green M. - Lentz J.C. - Conte C. - Cuzzucoli Crucitti V. - Couturaud B. - Luciano Galantini - Francolini I. - Howdle S.M. - Taresco V.
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Interactions in Aqueous Mixtures of Cationic Hydroxyethyl Cellulose and Different Anionic Bile Salts

- Tan J.J. - Gjerde N. - Del Giudice A. - Knudsen K.D. - Luciano Galantini - Du G. - Schillén K. - Sande S.A. - Nyström B.
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

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