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Center for Colloid and Surface Science

Personal information

Position: Permanent Staff


Phone: 06 4991-3336

Location: Rome

Fields of Interest and Expertise

Colloidal Systems.

Host-guest relationships in membrane mimetic systems.

Kinetic properties of the membrane bacterial protein Reaction Centre.

Molecular self-assembly.

Ageing processes in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC).



Chimica Generale e Inorganica (LT Biotecnologie Agro-Alimentari, Univ. “La Sapienza”, Roma)


Curriculum Vitae

May 1985: Degree in Biological Sciences, at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” (110 cum laude/110). Thesis title: "A simplified model of the endocellular compartment: the reverse micelles. Structure and dynamics of endomicellar water".

1989-1991: visiting scientist at ETH of Zürich in the group of Prof. P.L. Luisi working on the spectroscopic characterization of surfactants aggregates.

1991-1994: PhD in Chemical Sciences at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Title: "Physico-chemical characterization of a four component water-in-oil microemulsion and examples of its applicability to the solubilization of nucleic acids ". Advisor: Prof. M. Giomini (University of Rome “La Sapienza”).

1994-1999: Research fellow at the Centre for the Physico-Chemical Studies for Light-Matter Interactions of the Italian Council of Research (CNR) c/o Dept. of Chemistry of the University of Bari

1999-present: Research fellow at the Dept. of Chemistry of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.



Complexation and organization of doxorubicin on polystyrene sulfonate chains: impacts on doxorubicin dimerization and quenching

- Gjerde N.S. - Nardi A.N. - Chen C.G. - Di Gianvincenzo P. - D’Abramo M. - Scipioni A. - Luciano Galantini - Moya S.E. - Mauro Giustini
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

On the Role of Water in the Formation of a Deep Eutectic Solvent Based on NiCl2·6H2O and Urea

- Busato M. - Tofoni A. - Mannucci G. - Tavani F. - Del Giudice A. - Colella A. - Mauro Giustini - D'angelo P.
Inorganic Chemistry

Theoretical-computational modelling of the L-alanine CD spectrum in water

- Chen C.G. - Mauro Giustini - Scipioni A. - Amadei A. - D'Abramo M.
Computational and Theoretical Chemistry

Poloxamer/sodium cholate co-formulation for micellar encapsulation of doxorubicin with high efficiency for intracellular delivery: An in-vitro bioavailability study

- Tasca E. - Patrizia Andreozzi - Del Giudice A. - Luciano Galantini - Schillén K. - Maria Giuliani A. - Ramirez M.d.l.A. - Moya S.E. - Mauro Giustini
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Deoxycholic acid and L-Phenylalanine enrich their hydrogel properties when combined in a zwitterionic derivative

- Travaglini L. - di Gregorio M.C. - Severoni E. - D'Annibale A. - Sennato S. - Tardani F. - Mauro Giustini - Gubitosi M. - Del Giudice A. - Luciano Galantini
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

A Stereochemically Driven Supramolecular Polymerisation

- Tasca E. - D'Abramo M. - Luciano Galantini - Giuliani A.M. - Pavel N.V. - Gerardo Palazzo - Mauro Giustini
Chemistry - A European Journal

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