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Center for Colloid and Surface Science

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Phone: +39 070 675 505

Location: Cagliari

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Multi-tower heliostat field optimization by means of adiabatic quantum computer

- Pisani L. - Moreau G.S. - Leonardi E. - Podda C. - Mameli A. - Giacomo Cao
Solar Energy

Nanoparticles from Microalgae and Their Biomedical Applications

- Sidorowicz A. - Fais G. - Casula M. - Borselli M. - Giannaccare G. - Antonio Locci - Nicola Lai - Roberto Orrù - Giacomo Cao - Alessandro Concas
Marine Drugs

Singular adaptations in the carbon assimilation mechanism of the polyextremophile cyanobacterium Chroococcidiopsis thermalis

- Aguiló-Nicolau P. - Galmés J. - Fais G. - Capó-Bauçà S. - Giacomo Cao - Iñiguez C.
Photosynthesis Research

Combustion synthesis and spark plasma sintering of apatite-tricalcium phosphate nanocomposites

- Angioni D. - Roberto Orrù - Giacomo Cao - Garroni S. - Ricci P.C. - Manukyan K.V.
Ceramics International

Cultivation of Cyanobacteria and Microalgae using Simulated in-situ Available Resources for the Production of useful Bio-compounds on Mars: Modelling of Experiments

- Brughitta E. - Atzori F. - Gamboni E. - Foddi S. - Casula M. - Fais G. - Manca A. - Pantaleo A. - Giacomo Cao - Alessandro Concas
Chemical Engineering Transactions

Dense nanocrystalline W alloys: Enhancement of hardness and thermal stability by Al addition

- Torre F. - Huminiuc T. - Barra P. - Pilloni L. - Polcar T. - Rinaldi A. - Francesco Delogu - Roberto Orrù - Giacomo Cao - Antonio Locci
International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials

Untargeted Lipidomics of Erythrocytes under Simulated Microgravity Conditions

- Manis C. - Murgia A. - Manca A. - Pantaleo A. - Giacomo Cao - Pierluigi Caboni
International Journal of Molecular Sciences

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