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Center for Colloid and Surface Science

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Location: Cagliari

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Spark plasma sintering, mechanical and in-vitro behavior of a novel Sr- and Mg-containing bioactive glass for biomedical applications

- Angioni D. - Roberto Orrù - Giacomo Cao - Garroni S. - Iacomini A. - Bellucci D. - Cannillo V.
Journal of the European Ceramic Society

Fabrication and characterization of quinary high entropy-ultra-high temperature diborides

- Barbarossa S. - Roberto Orrù - Cannillo V. - Iacomini A. - Garroni S. - Murgia M. - Giacomo Cao

Influence of the Spark Plasma Sintering temperature on the structure and dielectric properties of BaTi(1-x)ZrxO3 ceramics

- Ezealigo B.N. - Roberto Orrù - Elissalde C. - Debéda H. - Chung U.C. - Maglione M. - Giacomo Cao
Ceramics International

First successful stabilization of consolidated amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) by cold sintering: Toward highly-resorbable reactive bioceramics

- Luginina M. - Roberto Orrù - Giacomo Cao - Grossin D. - Brouillet F. - Chevallier G. - Thouron C. - Drouet C.
Journal of Materials Chemistry B

High-entropy transition metal diborides by reactive and non-reactive spark plasma sintering: A comparative investigation

- Tallarita G. - Licheri R. - Garroni S. - Barbarossa S. - Roberto Orrù - Giacomo Cao
Journal of the European Ceramic Society

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