Consorzio Interuniversitario per lo sviluppo dei Sistemi a Grande Interfase
Center for Colloid and Surface Science


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Peptide-bridged bis-porphyrin compounds: A photophysical and molecular dynamics study

- Rita Cimino - Emanuela Gatto - De Zotti M. - Formaggio F. - Toniolo C. - Giannetti M. - Antonio Palleschi - Serpa C. - Mariano Venanzi
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology


Protection against proteolysis of a targeting peptide on gold nanostructures

- Biscaglia F. - Caligiuri I. - Rizzolio F. - Ripani G. - Antonio Palleschi - Meneghetti M. - Gobbo M.

Ultrasound-Stimulated PVA Microbubbles for Adhesive Removal from Cellulose-Based Materials: A Groundbreaking Low-Impact Methodology

- D'Andrea A. - Leonardo Severini - Domenici F. - Dabagov S. - Guglielmotti V. - Hampai D. - Laura Micheli - Placidi E. - Titubante M. - Claudia Mazzuca - Gaio Paradossi - Antonio Palleschi
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces



Understanding the good and poor cell targeting activity of gold nanostructures functionalized with molecular units for the epidermal growth factor receptor

- Claudia Mazzuca - Di Napoli B. - Biscaglia F. - Ripani G. - Rajendran S. - Braga A. - Benna C. - Mocellin S. - Gobbo M. - Meneghetti M. - Antonio Palleschi
Nanoscale Advances

Gold Nanoparticle Aggregates Functionalized with Cyclic RGD Peptides for Targeting and Imaging of Colorectal Cancer Cells

- Biscaglia F. - Ripani G. - Rajendran S. - Benna C. - Mocellin S. - Gianfranco Bocchinfuso - Meneghetti M. - Antonio Palleschi - Gobbo M.
ACS Applied Nano Materials

Rational design of antiangiogenic helical oligopeptides targeting the vascular endothelial growth factor receptors

- Zanella S. - Gianfranco Bocchinfuso - De Zotti M. - Arosio D. - Marino F. - Raniolo S. - Pignataro L. - Sacco G. - Antonio Palleschi - Siano A.S. - Piarulli U. - Belvisi L. - Formaggio F. - Gennari C. - Lorenzo Stella
Frontiers in Chemistry


Interdisciplinary approach to develop a disposable real time monitoring tool for the cleaning of graphic artworks. Application on “le Nozze di Psiche”

- Laura Micheli - Claudia Mazzuca - Missori M. - Teodonio L. - Mosca Conte A. - Pulci O. - Arcadipane L. - Dominijanni S. - Antonio Palleschi - Palleschi G. - Iannuccelli S. - Sotgiu S.
Microchemical Journal


The influence of ph on the scleroglucan and scleroglucan/borax systems

- Claudia Mazzuca - Gianfranco Bocchinfuso - Antonio Palleschi - Conflitti P. - Grassi M. - Di Meo C. - Alhaique F. - Coviello T.

Enhanced EGFR targeting activity of plasmonic nanostructures with engineered GE11 peptide

- Biscaglia F. - Rajendran S. - Conflitti P. - Benna C. - Sommaggio R. - Litti L. - Mocellin S. - Gianfranco Bocchinfuso - Rosato A. - Antonio Palleschi - Nitti D. - Gobbo M. - Meneghetti M.
Advanced Healthcare Materials

A bioinspired dye sensitized solar cell based on a rhodamine-functionalized peptide immobilized on nanocrystalline TiO2

- Caruso M. - Emanuela Gatto - Antonio Palleschi - Morales P. - Scarselli M. - Casaluci S. - Quatela A. - Di Carlo A. - Mariano Venanzi
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry


A new sustainable and innovative work for paper artworks cleaning process: Gellan hydrogel combined with hydrolytic enzymes

- Petrella G. - Claudia Mazzuca - Laura Micheli - Cervelli E. - De Fazio D. - Iannuccelli S. - Sotgiu S. - Palleschi G. - Antonio Palleschi
International Journal of Conservation Science

Carnitine palmitoyl transferase-1A (CPT1A): A new tumor specific target in human breast cancer

- Pucci S. - Zonetti M. - Fisco T. - Polidoro C. - Gianfranco Bocchinfuso - Antonio Palleschi - Novelli G. - Spagnoli L. - Mazzarelli P.

How to tune a paper cleaning process by means of modified gellan hydrogels

- Claudia Mazzuca - Laura Micheli - Raffaella Lettieri - Cervelli E. - Coviello T. - Cencetti C. - Sotgiu S. - Iannuccelli S. - Palleschi G. - Antonio Palleschi
Microchemical Journal

Are two better than one? A new approach for multidentate grafting of peptides to a gold substrate

- Caruso M. - Emanuela Gatto - Antonio Palleschi - Scarselli M. - De Crescenzi M. - Formaggio F. - Longo E. - Toniolo C. - Wright K. - Mariano Venanzi
Zeitschrift fur Physikalische Chemie

DPPTE Thiolipid Self-Assembled Monolayer: A Critical Assay

- Raffaella Lettieri - Di Giorgio F. - Colella A. - Magnusson R. - Bjorefors F. - Placidi E. - Antonio Palleschi - Mariano Venanzi - Emanuela Gatto


Neat and GNPs loaded natural rubber fibers by electrospinning: Manufacturing and characterization

- Cacciotti I. - House J. - Claudia Mazzuca - Valentini M. - Madau F. - Antonio Palleschi - Straffi P. - Nanni F.
Materials and Design



Self-assembled peptide monolayers on interdigitated gold microelectrodes

- Emanuela Gatto - Mariano Venanzi - Antonio Palleschi - Lorenzo Stella - Pispisa B. - Lorenzelli L. - Toniolo C. - Formaggio F. - Giovanni Marletta
Materials Science and Engineering C


Static and dynamic features of a helical hexapeptide chemisorbed on a gold surface

- Pace G. - Mariano Venanzi - Castrucci P. - Scarselli M. - De Crescenzi M. - Antonio Palleschi - Lorenzo Stella - Formaggio F. - Toniolo C. - Giovanni Marletta
Materials Science and Engineering C