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Center for Colloid and Surface Science


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Biocompatible cellulose nanocrystal-based Trojan horse enables targeted delivery of nano-Au radiosensitizers to triple negative breast cancer cells

- Giacomo Biagiotti - Cazzoli R. - Patrizia Andreozzi - Aresta G. - Francesco M. - Mangini C. - di Gianvincenzo P. - Tobia C. - Recchia S. - Polito L. - Severi M. - Vittorio O. - Cicchi S. - Moya S.E. - Ronca R. - Albini A. - Debora Berti - Orecchia R. - Garibaldi C. - Minucci S. - Barbara Richichi
Nanoscale Horizons

A study of complexation and biological fate of polyethyleneimine-siRNA polyplexes in vitro and in vivo by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and positron emission tomography imaging

- Ludtke T. - Simó C. - Gimenez Reyes S. - Martinez Moro M. - Salvador C. - Ritacco H. - Patrizia Andreozzi - Llop J. - Moya S.E.


Gold nanoparticles decorated with monosaccharides and sulfated ligands as potential modulators of the lysosomal enzyme N-acetylgalactosamine-6-sulfatase (GALNS)

- Buco F. - Matassini C. - Vanni C. - Clemente F. - Paoli P. - Carozzini C. - Beni A. - Cardona F. - Goti A. - Moya S.E. - Ortore M.G. - Patrizia Andreozzi - Morrone A. - Marradi M.
Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry

Simple engineering of hybrid cellulose nanocrystal-gold nanoparticles results in a functional glyconanomaterial with biomolecular recognition properties

- Giacomo Biagiotti - Toniolo G. - Albino M. - Severi M. - Patrizia Andreozzi - Marelli M. - Kokot H. - Tria G. - Guerri A. - Sangregorio C. - Rojo J. - Debora Berti - Marradi M. - Cicchi S. - Urbančič I. - van Kooyk Y. - Chiodo F. - Barbara Richichi
Nanoscale Horizons


Core vs. surface labelling of mesoporous silica nanoparticles: advancing the understanding of nanoparticle fate and design of labelling strategies

- Ramírez M.d.l.Á. - Martínez-Villacorta Á.M. - Gómez-Vallejo V. - Patrizia Andreozzi - Soler-Illia G. - Llop J. - Moya S.E.
Nanoscale Advances

Self-Assembled Oleic Acid-Modified Polyallylamines for Improved siRNA Transfection Efficiency and Lower Cytotoxicity

- Salvador C. - Patrizia Andreozzi - Romero G. - Loinaz I. - Dupin D. - Moya S.E.
ACS Applied Bio Materials

Impact of PEGylation on the degradation and pore organization in mesoporous silica nanoparticles: A study of the inner mesoporous structure in physiologically relevant ionic conditions

- Ramírez M.d.l.Á. - Bindini E. - Moretti P. - Soler Illia G.J.A.A. - Amenitsch H. - Patrizia Andreozzi - Ortore M.G. - Moya S.E.
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces

Solid lipid nanoparticles loaded with curcumin: development and in vitro toxicity against CT26 cells

- Ganassin R. - Da Silva V.C.M. - Araujo V.H.S. - Tavares G.R. - Da Silva P.B. - Cáceres-Vélez P.R. - Porcel J.E.M. - Rodrigues M.C. - Patrizia Andreozzi - Fernandes R.P. - Fonseca-Santos B. - Moya S. - Azevedo R.B. - Chorilli M. - Muehlmann L.A.
Nanomedicine (London, England)

Polarity studies of single polyelectrolyte layers in polyelectrolyte multilayers probed by steady state and life time doxorubicin fluorescence

- Martinelli H. - Tasca E. - Patrizia Andreozzi - Libertone S. - Ritacco H. - Mauro Giustini - Moya S.E.
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science


Novel Core–Shell Polyamine Phosphate Nanoparticles Self-Assembled from PEGylated Poly(allylamine hydrochloride) with Low Toxicity and Increased In Vivo Circulation Time

- Patrizia Andreozzi - Simó C. - Moretti P. - Porcel J.M. - Lüdtke T.U. - Ramirez M.d.l.A. - Tamberi L. - Marradi M. - Amenitsch H. - Llop J. - Ortore M.G. - Moya S.E.

Erratum: Patchy amphiphilic dendrimers bind adenovirus and control its host interactions and in vivo distribution (ACS Nano (2019) 13:8 (8749-8759) DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.9b01484)

- Wu Y. - Li L. - Frank L. - Wagner J. - Patrizia Andreozzi - Hammer B. - D'Alicarnasso M. - Pelliccia M. - Liu W. - Chakrabortty S. - Krol S. - Simon J. - Landfester K. - Kuan S.L. - Stellacci F. - Müllen K. - Kreppel F. - Weil T.
ACS Nano

Effects of valinomycin doping on the electrical and structural properties of planar lipid bilayers supported on polyelectrolyte multilayers

- Gutiérrez-Pineda E. - Patrizia Andreozzi - Diamanti E. - Anguiano R. - Ziolo R.F. - Moya S.E. - José Rodríguez-Presa M. - Gervasi C.A.


Poloxamer/sodium cholate co-formulation for micellar encapsulation of doxorubicin with high efficiency for intracellular delivery: An in-vitro bioavailability study

- Tasca E. - Patrizia Andreozzi - Del Giudice A. - Luciano Galantini - Schillén K. - Maria Giuliani A. - Ramirez M.d.l.A. - Moya S.E. - Mauro Giustini
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science