Consorzio Interuniversitario per lo sviluppo dei Sistemi a Grande Interfase
Center for Colloid and Surface Science

Personal information

Position: Permanent Staff


Phone: 0577 234-360

Location: Siena - STCDB

Fields of Interest and Expertise

Environmental spectroscopy.

Optical analysis and modelling of aquatic ecosystem.

Study of impacts of solar radiation.

Controlling factors of productivity in aquatic ecosystems.

Global change impacts on wetland and lake functioning.

Analysis of organic matter in aquatic ecosystems.



Chimica dell'Ambiente e dei Beni Culturali (Tecnico della Prevenzione nell'Ambiente e nei Luoghi di Lavoro, Univ. Siena)


Curriculum Vitae

1986: Degree in Chemical Engineering, at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (USA) with a dissertation on the Environmental Engineering.

1986-1995: researcher Indoor Environmental Engineering.

1994-1995: research grant in Chemistry at the University of Sassari. Title: " The Mechanochemicial Dehalogenation of Chlorocompounds over Calcium Hydride ". Advisor: Prof. G. Cocco (University of Sassari).

1996-2001: PhD in Environmental Chemistry, Title: "Environmental Spectroscopy methods in the analysis of aquatic ecosystems ". Tutor Prof. Claudio Rossi.

2002-2005: Researcher at the University of Siena. Title: "The analysis of aquatic ecosystems in Europe, South America (Argentina) and Africa (Uganda, Kenya)".




Empowering citizen scientists to improve water quality: from monitoring to action

- Warner S. - Blanco Ramírez S. - de Vries S. - Marangu N. - Ateba Bessa H. - Toranzo C. - Imaralieva M. - Abrate T. - Kiminta E. - Castro J. - de Souza M.L. - Ghaffar Memon A. - Steven Arthur Loiselle - Juanah M.S.E.
Frontiers in Water

Eutrophication evolution of lakes in China: Four decades of observations from space

- Hu M. - Ma R. - Xue K. - Cao Z. - Xiong J. - Steven Arthur Loiselle - Shen M. - Hou X.
Journal of Hazardous Materials

Citizen scientists filling knowledge gaps of phosphate pollution dynamics in rural areas

- Steven Arthur Loiselle - Bishop I. - Moorhouse H. - Pilat C. - Koelman E. - Nelson R. - Clymans W. - Pratt J. - Lewis V.
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment

MODIS observations reveal decrease in lake suspended particulate matter across China over the past two decades

- Cao Z. - Hu C. - Ma R. - Duan H. - Liu M. - Steven Arthur Loiselle - Song K. - Shen M. - Liu D. - Xue K.
Remote Sensing of Environment

Modeling dissolved and particulate organic carbon dynamics at basin and sub-basin scales

- Di Grazia F. - Garcia X. - Acuña V. - Llanos-Paez O. - Galgani L. - Gumiero B. - Steven Arthur Loiselle
Science of the Total Environment

Marine plastics alter the organic matter composition of the air-sea boundary layer, with influences on CO2 exchange: a large-scale analysis method to explore future ocean scenarios

- Galgani L. - Tzempelikou E. - Kalantzi I. - Tsiola A. - Tsapakis M. - Pitta P. - Esposito C. - Tsotskou A. - Magiopoulos I. - Benavides R. - Steinhoff T. - Steven Arthur Loiselle
Science of the Total Environment

Citizen scientist monitoring accurately reveals nutrient pollution dynamics in Lake Tanganyika coastal waters

- Moshi H.A. - Kimirei I. - Shilla D. - O’Reilly C. - Wehrli B. - Ehrenfels B. - Steven Arthur Loiselle
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment

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