Consorzio Interuniversitario per lo sviluppo dei Sistemi a Grande Interfase
Center for Colloid and Surface Science


Here you can find the updated list of all the publications of CSGI members and affilated staff. Please note that the only publications listed here are those published after the affilation of each member. If you are interested in the whole bibliography of CSGI members, including articles and books published before affilation to CSGI, please refer to academic research databases, such as Scopus, Web Of Science, Google Scholar, ect.

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Wearable and Flexible Fibrosis Cystic Tag with Potentiometric Chloride Activity Sensing

- De Venuto D.D. - Mezzina G. - Angelo Tricase - Paolo Bollella - Mascellaro G. - Luisa Torsi
Proceedings - 2023 9th International Workshop on Advances in Sensors and Interfaces, IWASI 2023


Electrochemical Investigation of Self-Assembling Monolayers toward Ultrasensitive Sensing

- Angelo Tricase - Imbriano A. - Eleonora Macchia - Rosaria Anna Picca - Blasi D. - Luisa Torsi - Paolo Bollella
FLEPS 2022 - IEEE International Conference on Flexible and Printable Sensors and Systems, Proceedings


Single-Molecule Bioelectronic Label-Free Assay of both Protein and Genomic Markers of Pancreatic Mucinous Cysts’ in Whole Blood Serum

- Eleonora Macchia - Lucia Sarcina - Driescher C. - Gounani Z. - Tewari A. - Osterbacka R. - Gerardo Palazzo - Angelo Tricase - Kovacs Vajna Z.M. - Viola F. - Modena F. - Caironi M. - Fabrizio Torricelli - Esposito I. - Luisa Torsi
Advanced Electronic Materials