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Center for Colloid and Surface Science


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Quantitative Attribution of the Protective Effects of Aminosterols against Protein Aggregates to Their Chemical Structures and Ability to Modulate Biological Membranes

- Errico S. - Giacomo Lucchesi - Odino D. - Osman E.Y. - Cascella R. - Neri L. - Capitini C. - Calamai M. - Bemporad F. - Cecchi C. - Kinney W.A. - Barbut D. - Relini A. - Canale C. - Gabriella Caminati - Limbocker R. - Vendruscolo M. - Zasloff M. - Chiti F.
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

Reorganization of the outer layer of a model of the plasma membrane induced by a neuroprotective aminosterol

- Barletti B. - Giacomo Lucchesi - Muscat S. - Errico S. - Barbut D. - Danani A. - Zasloff M. - Grasso G. - Chiti F. - Gabriella Caminati
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces


Biosensing Tacrolimus in Human Whole Blood by Using a Drug Receptor Fused to the Emerald Green Fluorescent Protein

- Glahn-Martínez B. - Giacomo Lucchesi - Pradanas-González F. - Manzano A.I. - Canales Á. - Gabriella Caminati - Benito-Peña E. - Moreno-Bondi M.C.
Analytical Chemistry


Making biological membrane resistant to the toxicity of misfolded protein oligomers: A lesson from trodusquemine

- Errico S. - Giacomo Lucchesi - Odino D. - Muscat S. - Capitini C. - Bugelli C. - Canale C. - Ferrando R. - Grasso G. - Barbut D. - Calamai M. - Danani A. - Zasloff M. - Relini A. - Gabriella Caminati - Vendruscolo M. - Chiti F.


Blocking the FKBP12 induced dendrimeric burst in aberrant aggregation of α-synuclein by using the ElteN378 synthetic inhibitor

- Gabriella Caminati - Martina M. - Menichetti S. - Procacci P.
Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry


Self-Assembly of Functionalized Oligothiophene into Hygroscopic Fibers: Fabrication of Highly Sensitive and Fast Humidity Sensors

- Squillaci M. - Cipriani A. - Melucci M. - Zambianchi M. - Gabriella Caminati - Samorì P.
Advanced Electronic Materials


Graphene oxide/plasmon nanoparticles bilayers for optimized SERS detection

- Banchelli M. - De Angelis M. - Pini R. - Tiribilli B. - Gabriella Caminati - Matteini P.
Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE

Controlled Veiling of Silver Nanocubes with Graphene Oxide for Improved Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Detection

- Banchelli M. - Tiribilli B. - De Angelis M. - Pini R. - Gabriella Caminati - Matteini P.
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces


Covering silver nanocube monolayers with graphene oxide sheets: Towards an efficient sers platform

- Banchelli M. - Gabriella Caminati - Tiribilli B. - Pini R. - Matteini P.
IET Conference Publications

Efficient nonequilibrium method for binding free energy calculations in molecular dynamics simulations

- Sandberg R. - Banchelli M. - Guardiani C. - Menichetti S. - Gabriella Caminati - Procacci P.
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation

Media effects in modulating the conformational equilibrium of a model compound for tumor necrosis factor converting enzyme inhibition

- Banchelli M. - Guardiani C. - Sandberg R. - Menichetti S. - Procacci P. - Gabriella Caminati
Journal of Molecular Structure

Graphene oxide/silver nanocube composites for SERS detection of biomolecules

- Banchelli M. - Tiribilli B. - Pini R. - Matteini P. - Gabriella Caminati
2015 International Conference on BioPhotonics, BioPhotonics 2015


Light-responsive nanocomposite sponges for on demand chemical release with high spatial and dosage control

- Matteini P. - Martina M.R. - Giambastiani G. - Tatini F. - Cascella R. - Ratto F. - Cecchi C. - Gabriella Caminati - Luigi Dei - Pini R.
Journal of Materials Chemistry B

Chemical-physical analysis of a tartrate model compound for TACE inhibition

- Banchelli M. - Guardiani C. - Tenori E. - Menichetti S. - Gabriella Caminati - Procacci P.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics



Plant oil bodies: Novel carriers to deliver lipophilic molecules

- Bonsegna S. - Bettini S. - Pagano R. - Zacheo A. - Vergaro V. - Giovinazzo G. - Gabriella Caminati - Leporatti S. - Valli L. - Santino A.
Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Hybrid laser-activatable gold nanorods-loaded hydrogels for photothermal applications

- Matteini P. - Ratto F. - Rossi F. - Pini R. - Tiribilli B. - Giambastiani G. - Luconi L. - Luigi Dei - Gabriella Caminati
2011 International Workshop on Biophotonics, BIOPHOTONICS 2011

New perspective on how and why immunophilin FK506-related ligands work

- Bizzarri M. - Tenori E. - Martina M.R. - Marsili S. - Gabriella Caminati - Menichetti S. - Procacci P.
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters


Modulation of density and orientation of amphiphilic DNA on phospholipid membranes. II. Vesicles

- Banchelli M. - Gambinossi F. - Durand A. - Gabriella Caminati - Brown T. - Debora Berti - Piero Baglioni
Journal of Physical Chemistry B



Silicon oxide surface functionalization by self-assembled nanolayers for microcantilever transducers

- Gambinossi F. - Lorenzelli L. - Piero Baglioni - Gabriella Caminati
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects

Phospholipid membranes decorated by cholesterol-based oligonucleotides as soft hybrid nanostructures

- Banchelli M. - Betti F. - Debora Berti - Gabriella Caminati - Francesca Baldelli Bombelli - Brown T. - Marcus Wilhelmsson L. - Norden B. - Piero Baglioni
Journal of Physical Chemistry B

DNA closed nanostructures: A structural and Monte Carlo simulation study

- Francesca Baldelli Bombelli - Gambinossi F. - Lagi M. - Debora Berti - Gabriella Caminati - Brown T. - Sciortino F. - Nordén B. - Piero Baglioni
Journal of Physical Chemistry B



Phospholipid nanofilms for the detection of Rifaximin in solution

- Morandi S. - Puggelli M. - Gabriella Caminati
International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry


Effect of the phospholipid head group in antibiotic-phospholipid association at water-air interface

- Gambinossi F. - Mecheri B. - Nocentini M. - Puggelli M. - Gabriella Caminati
Biophysical Chemistry

Modulation of tetracycline-phospholipid interactions by tuning of pH at the water-air interface

- Mecheri B. - Gambinossi F. - Nocentini M. - Puggelli M. - Gabriella Caminati
Biophysical Chemistry