Consorzio Interuniversitario per lo sviluppo dei Sistemi a Grande Interfase
Center for Colloid and Surface Science


Here you can find the updated list of all the publications of CSGI members and affilated staff. Please note that the only publications listed here are those published after the affilation of each member. If you are interested in the whole bibliography of CSGI members, including articles and books published before affilation to CSGI, please refer to academic research databases, such as Scopus, Web Of Science, Google Scholar, ect.

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Synthesis of cyclobutane-fused oxazolidine-2-thione derivatives

- Barranco S. - Cuccu F. - Devoto F. - Guillot R. - Pierluigi Caboni - Aitken D.J. - Frongia A.
Tetrahedron Letters

Comparative Metabolomic Profiling of Eggs from 3 Diverse Chicken Breeds Using GC-MS Analysis

- Dermane A. - Eloh K. - Palanga K.K. - Tchakinguena Adjito D. - N'nanle O. - Karou D.S. - Kpanzou T.A. - Pierluigi Caboni
Poultry Science


Bioactivity and Chemical Composition of Essential Oils from Three Chemotypes of Aeollanthus pubescens Benth

- Eloh K. - Simalou O. - Mégnassan S. - Afantchao H. - Bakaï M.F. - Koba K. - Pierluigi Caboni
Natural Product Sciences

β-N-Heterocyclic Cyclobutane Carboximides: Synthesis through a Tandem Base-Catalyzed Amidation/aza-Michael Addition Protocol and Facile Transformations

- Barranco S. - Cuccu F. - Liu D. - Robin S. - Guillot R. - Secci F. - Brenner V. - Mons M. - Pierluigi Caboni - Aitken D.J. - Frongia A.
European Journal of Organic Chemistry

Untargeted Lipidomics of Erythrocytes under Simulated Microgravity Conditions

- Manis C. - Murgia A. - Manca A. - Pantaleo A. - Giacomo Cao - Pierluigi Caboni
International Journal of Molecular Sciences

UHPLC-QTOF/MS Untargeted Lipidomics and Caffeine Carry-Over in Milk of Goats under Spent Coffee Ground Enriched Diet

- Casula M. - Paola Scano - Manis C. - Tolle G. - Nudda A. - Carta S. - Pulina G. - Pierluigi Caboni
Applied Sciences (Switzerland)

Development and Chemico-Physical Characterization of Ovine Milk-Based Ingredients for Infant Formulae

- Lai G. - Pierluigi Caboni - Piras C. - Pes M. - Sitzia M. - Addis M. - Pirisi A. - Paola Scano
Applied Sciences (Switzerland)


Alcohol as Prodrug of Salsolinol: The Long-Sought Alcohol’s Key Mechanism of Action on Dopamine Neurons

- Bassareo V. - Maccioni R. - Migheli R. - Peana A.T. - Pierluigi Caboni - Acquas E.
Handbook of Substance Misuse and Addictions: From Biology to Public Health

Plant Secondary Metabolites Mode of Action in the Control of Root-Knot Nematodes

- Ntalli N. - Pierluigi Caboni
Biocontrol of Plant Disease: Recent Advances and Prospects in Plant Protection

Metabolomics analysis of plasma samples of patients with fibromyalgia and electromagnetic sensitivity using GC–MS technique

- Piras C. - Pibiri M. - Conte S. - Ferranti G. - Leoni V.P. - Liggi S. - Spada M. - Muntoni S. - Pierluigi Caboni - Atzori L.
Scientific Reports

Sex Hormones as Key Modulators of the Immune Response in Multiple Sclerosis: A Review

- Murgia F. - Giagnoni F. - Lorefice L. - Caria P. - Dettori T. - D’Alterio M.N. - Angioni S. - Hendren A.J. - Pierluigi Caboni - Pibiri M. - Monni G. - Cocco E. - Atzori L.

Solvent-Free Synthesis of Quaternary Oxazolidine-2-thione β3-Amino Ester Analogs

- Soddu F. - Devoto F. - Marras V. - Pierluigi Caboni - Secci F. - Aitken D.J. - Frongia A.
European Journal of Organic Chemistry

Characterization of Nasco grape pomace-loaded nutriosomes and their neuroprotective effects in the MPTP mouse model of Parkinson’s disease

- Parekh P. - Serra M. - Allaw M. - Perra M. - Marongiu J. - Tolle G. - Pinna A. - Casu M.A. - Manconi M. - Pierluigi Caboni - Manzoni O.J.J. - Morelli M.
Frontiers in Pharmacology

Understanding the Behaviour of Human Cell Types under Simulated Microgravity Conditions: The Case of Erythrocytes

- Manis C. - Manca A. - Murgia A. - Uras G. - Pierluigi Caboni - Congiu T. - Faa G. - Pantaleo A. - Giacomo Cao
International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Sex-specific effects of daily tadalafil on diabetic heart kinetics in RECOGITO, a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

- Pofi R. - Giannetta E. - Feola T. - Galea N. - Barbagallo F. - Campolo F. - Badagliacca R. - Barbano B. - Ciolina F. - Defeudis G. - Filardi T. - Sesti F. - Minnetti M. - Vizza C.D. - Pasqualetti P. - Pierluigi Caboni - Carbone I. - Francone M. - Catalano C. - Pozzilli P. - Lenzi A. - Venneri M.A. - Gianfrilli D. - Isidori A.M.
Science translational medicine

Evidence for enhanced dissipation of chlorpyrifos in an agricultural soil inoculated with Serratia rubidaea strain ABS 10

- Salem A.B. - Chaabane H. - Ghazouani T. - Pierluigi Caboni - Coroneo V. - Devers M. - Béguet J. - Martin-Laurent F. - Fattouch S.
Environmental Science and Pollution Research


Review of the Phytochemistry and Biological Activity of Cissus incisa Leaves

- Nocedo-Mena D. - Galván-Rodrigo A.A. - Wright C.W. - Pierluigi Caboni
Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry

Ethanol-Dependent Synthesis of Salsolinol in the Posterior Ventral Tegmental Area as Key Mechanism of Ethanol’s Action on Mesolimbic Dopamine

- Bassareo V. - Frau R. - Maccioni R. - Pierluigi Caboni - Manis C. - Peana A.T. - Migheli R. - Porru S. - Acquas E.
Frontiers in Neuroscience

Untargeted lipidomics of ovine milk to analyse the influence of different diet regimens

- Manis C. - Addis M. - Sitzia M. - Paola Scano - Garau V. - Cabiddu A. - Caredda M. - Pirisi A. - Pulina A. - Roggero P. - Pierluigi Caboni
Journal of Dairy Research

Metabolic Alteration in Plasma and Biopsies from Patients with IBD

- Santoru M.L. - Piras C. - Murgia F. - Leoni V.P. - Spada M. - Murgia A. - Liggi S. - Lai M.A. - Usai P. - Pierluigi Caboni - Manzin A. - Atzori L.
Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Formulation of liposomes loading lentisk oil to ameliorate topical delivery, attenuate oxidative stress damage and improve cell migration in scratch assay

- Allaw M. - Manconi M. - Pierluigi Caboni - Bacchetta G. - Escribano-Ferrer E. - Peris J.E. - Nacher A. - Diez-Sales O. - Manca M.L.
Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy


Multi-platform metabolomic approach to discriminate ripening markers of black truffles (Tuber melanosporum)

- Pierluigi Caboni - Scano P. - Sanchez S. - Garcia-Barreda S. - Corrias F. - Marco P.
Food Chemistry

Coumarins from Magydaris pastinacea as inhibitors of the tumour-associated carbonic anhydrases IX and XII: isolation, biological studies and in silico evaluation

- Fois B. - Distinto S. - Meleddu R. - Deplano S. - Maccioni E. - Floris C. - Rosa A. - Nieddu M. - Pierluigi Caboni - Sissi C. - Angeli A. - Claudiu Supuran - Cottiglia F.
Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry

New Dihydrothiazole Benzensulfonamides: Looking for Selectivity toward Carbonic Anhydrase Isoforms I, II, IX, and XII

- Meleddu R. - Distinto S. - Cottiglia F. - Angius R. - Pierluigi Caboni - Angeli A. - Melis C. - Deplano S. - Alcaro S. - Ortuso F. - Claudiu Supuran - Maccioni E.
ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters


NMR metabolite profiles of dairy: A review

- Scano P. - Cusano E. - Pierluigi Caboni - Consonni R.
International Dairy Journal

A metabolomics comparison between sheep's and goat's milk

- Pierluigi Caboni - Murgia A. - Porcu A. - Manis C. - Ibba I. - Contu M. - Scano P.
Food Research International

A gas chromatography-mass spectrometry untargeted metabolomics approach to discriminate Fiore Sardo cheese produced from raw or thermized ovine milk

- Pierluigi Caboni - Maxia D. - Scano P. - Addis M. - Dedola A. - Pes M. - Murgia A. - Casula M. - Profumo A. - Pirisi A.
Journal of Dairy Science

GC-MS metabolomics comparison of yoghurts from sheep's and goats' milk

- Murgia A. - Scano P. - Cacciabue R. - Dessì D. - Pierluigi Caboni
International Dairy Journal