Consorzio Interuniversitario per lo sviluppo dei Sistemi a Grande Interfase
Center for Colloid and Surface Science

Personal information

Position: Post-Doc


Phone: 0577234387

Location: Siena - STCDB

Fields of Interest and Expertise

Synthesis and characterization of polymeric materials and hydrogels for biomedical applications

Development of nanomaterials for biosensors and drug target delivery

Surface modification and surface analysis of materials

Characterization of ancient materials


Basic Chemistry (Stoichiometry) - First level degrees in “Pharmacy” – University of Siena

Curriculum Vitae

2001: Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Siena.

2005: PhD in Biomaterials – University of Pisa

2006: Researcher at the Department of Biosystems and Chemical Sciences, University of Siena



Ferulated Poly(vinyl alcohol) based hydrogels

- Simone Pepi - Paolino M. - Saletti M. - Venditti J. - Talarico L. - Andreassi M. - Giuliani G. - Caselli G. - Artusi R. - Cappelli A. - Gemma Leone - Agnese Magnani - Rovati L.

Functionalized Hyaluronic Acid for " In Situ" Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibition: A Bioactive Material to Treat the Dry Eye Sydrome

- Burgalassi S. - Fragai M. - Francesconi O. - Cerofolini L. - Monti D. - Gemma Leone - Lamponi S. - Greco G. - Agnese Magnani - Nativi C.
ACS Macro Letters

Click-Chemistry Cross-Linking of Hyaluronan Graft Copolymers

- Saletti M. - Paolino M. - Ballerini L. - Giuliani G. - Gemma Leone - Lamponi S. - Andreassi M. - Claudia Bonechi - Alessandro Donati - Piovani D. - Schieroni A.G. - Agnese Magnani - Cappelli A.

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