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Center for Colloid and Surface Science


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Copper Binding and Redox Activity of α-Synuclein in Membrane-Like Environment

- Bacchella C. - Camponeschi F. - Kolkowska P. - Kola A. - Tessari I. - Maria Camilla Baratto - Bisaglia M. - Monzani E. - Bubacco L. - Mangani S. - Casella L. - Dell’Acqua S. - Valensin D.


Identification of Fe(III)–OH species as a catalytic intermediate in plant peroxidases at high H2O2 concentration†

- Valle-Altamirano R.G. - Maria Camilla Baratto - Badillo-Ramírez I. - Gasteazoro F. - Rebecca Pogni - Saniger J.M. - Valderrama B.
New Journal of Chemistry

Lipoic/Capsaicin-Related Amides: Synthesis and Biological Characterization of New TRPV1 Agonists Endowed with Protective Properties against Oxidative Stress

- Brizzi A. - Maramai S. - Aiello F. - Maria Camilla Baratto - Corelli F. - Mugnaini C. - Paolino M. - Scorzelli F. - Aldinucci C. - De Petrocellis L. - Signorini C. - Pessina F.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences


Laccase-catalyzed 1,4-dioxane-mediated synthesis of belladine n-oxides with anti-influenza a virus activity

- Zippilli C. - Botta L. - Bizzarri B.M. - Nencioni L. - De Angelis M. - Protto V. - Giorgi G. - Maria Camilla Baratto - Rebecca Pogni - Saladino R.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences


Binding and Reactivity of Copper to R1 and R3 Fragments of tau Protein

- Bacchella C. - Gentili S. - Bellotti D. - Quartieri E. - Draghi S. - Maria Camilla Baratto - Remelli M. - Valensin D. - Monzani E. - Nicolis S. - Casella L. - Tegoni M. - Dell'Acqua S.
Inorganic Chemistry

Synthesis and Evaluation of Artemisinin-Based Hybrid and Dimer Derivatives as Antimelanoma Agents

- Botta L. - Filippi S. - Bizzarri B.M. - Zippilli C. - Meschini R. - Rebecca Pogni - Maria Camilla Baratto - Villanova L. - Saladino R.
ACS Omega

Iron(III) complexing ability of new ligands based on natural γ-pyrone maltol

- Fusi S. - Frosini M. - Biagi M. - Zór K. - Rindzevicius T. - Maria Camilla Baratto - De Vico L. - Corsini M.


Bridged bicyclic 2,3-dioxabicyclo[3.3.1]nonanes as antiplasmodial agents: Synthesis, structure-activity relationships and studies on their biomimetic reaction with Fe(II)

- D'Alessandro S. - Alfano G. - Di Cerbo L. - Brogi S. - Chemi G. - Relitti N. - Brindisi M. - Lamponi S. - Novellino E. - Campiani G. - Gemma S. - Basilico N. - Taramelli D. - Maria Camilla Baratto - Rebecca Pogni - Butini S.
Bioorganic Chemistry

Fibrils of α-Synuclein Abolish the Affinity of Cu2+-Binding Site to His50 and Induce Hopping of Cu2+ Ions in the Termini

- Bloch D. - Kolkowska P. - Tessari I. - Maria Camilla Baratto - Adalgisa Sinicropi - Bubacco L. - Mangani S. - Pozzi C. - Valensin D. - Miller Y.
Inorganic Chemistry


Isolation and characterization of a novel tyrosinase produced by Sahara soil actinobacteria and immobilization on nylon nanofiber membranes

- Harir M. - Bellahcene M. - Maria Camilla Baratto - Pollini S. - Rossolini G.M. - Trabalzini L. - Fatarella E. - Rebecca Pogni
Journal of Biotechnology

Description of a Non-Canonical Mn(II)-Oxidation Site in Peroxidases

- Fernández-Fueyo E. - Davó-Siguero I. - Almendral D. - Linde D. - Maria Camilla Baratto - Rebecca Pogni - Romero A. - Guallar V. - Martínez A.T.
ACS Catalysis


Unravelling the Non-Native Low-Spin State of the Cytochrome c-Cardiolipin Complex: Evidence of the Formation of a His-Ligated Species Only

- Milazzo L. - Tognaccini L. - Howes B.D. - Sinibaldi F. - Piro M.C. - Fittipaldi M. - Maria Camilla Baratto - Rebecca Pogni - Santucci R. - Smulevich G.


Tryptophan-surface modification of versatile peroxidase from Bjerkandera adusta enhances its catalytic performance

- Sánchez-Alejandro F. - Juarez-Moreno K. - Maria Camilla Baratto - Riccardo Basosi - Vazquez-Duhalt R.
Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic

Characterisation and antioxidant activity of crude extract and polyphenolic rich fractions from C. Incanus leaves

- Gori A. - Ferrini F. - Marzano M. - Tattini M. - Centritto M. - Maria Camilla Baratto - Rebecca Pogni - Brunetti C.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences


Sulfonated polyetheretherketone/polypropylene polymer blends for the production of photoactive materials

- Fatarella E. - Mylläri V. - Ruzzante M. - Rebecca Pogni - Maria Camilla Baratto - Skrifvars M. - Syrjälä S. - Järvelä P.
Journal of Applied Polymer Science

Production of sulfonated polyetheretherketone/polypropylene fibers for photoactive textiles

- Mylläri V. - Fatarella E. - Ruzzante M. - Rebecca Pogni - Maria Camilla Baratto - Skrifvars M. - Syrjälä S. - Järvelä P.
Journal of Applied Polymer Science

Demonstration of lignin-to-peroxidase direct electron transfer: A transient-state kinetics, directed mutagenesis, EPR, and NMR study

- Sáez-Jiménez V. - Maria Camilla Baratto - Rebecca Pogni - Rencoret J. - Gutiérrez A. - Santos J.I. - Martínez A.T. - Ruiz-Dueñas F.J.
Journal of Biological Chemistry

Catalytic surface radical in dye-decolorizing peroxidase: A computational, spectroscopic and site-directed mutagenesis study

- Linde D. - Rebecca Pogni - Cañellas M. - Lucas F. - Guallar V. - Maria Camilla Baratto - Adalgisa Sinicropi - Sáez-Jiménez V. - Coscolín C. - Romero A. - Medrano F.J. - Ruiz-Dueñ;as F.J. - Martínez A.T.
Biochemical Journal


Effective mutations in a high redox potential laccase from Pleurotus ostreatus

- Macellaro G. - Maria Camilla Baratto - Piscitelli A. - Pezzella C. - Fabrizi De Biani F. - Palmese A. - Piumi F. - Record E. - Riccardo Basosi - Sannia G.
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology


A Mn(II)-Mn(II) center in human prolidase

- Besio R. - Maria Camilla Baratto - Gioia R. - Monzani E. - Nicolis S. - Cucca L. - Profumo A. - Casella L. - Riccardo Basosi - Tenni R. - Rossi A. - Forlino A.
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Proteins and Proteomics

Prediction model based on decision tree analysis for laccase mediators

- Medina F. - Aguila S. - Maria Camilla Baratto - Martorana A. - Riccardo Basosi - Alderete J.B. - Vazquez-Duhalt R.
Enzyme and Microbial Technology

A spectroscopic characterization of a phenolic natural mediator in the laccase biocatalytic reaction

- Martorana A. - Sorace L. - Boer H. - Vazquez-Duhalt R. - Riccardo Basosi - Maria Camilla Baratto
Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic

Formation of a tyrosine adduct involved in lignin degradation by Trametopsis cervina lignin peroxidase: A novel peroxidase activation mechanism

- Miki Y. - Rebecca Pogni - Acebes S. - Lucas F. - Fernández-Fueyo E. - Maria Camilla Baratto - Fernández M.I. - De Los Ríos V. - Ruiz-Dueñas F.J. - Adalgisa Sinicropi - Riccardo Basosi - Hammel K.E. - Guallar V. - Martínez A.T.
Biochemical Journal



The role of His-50 of α-synuclein in binding Cu(ii): PH dependence, speciation, thermodynamics and structure

- Valensin D. - Camponeschi F. - Luczkowski M. - Maria Camilla Baratto - Remelli M. - Valensin G. - Kozlowski H.

Interpenetration of wood with NH2R-functionalized silica xerogels anchoring copper(II) for preservation purposes

- Vignali F. - Predieri G. - Feci E. - Palanti S. - Maria Camilla Baratto - Riccardo Basosi - Callone E. - Müller K.
Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology